LIMASSOL from Larnaca international airport is about 40 min by taxiway cyprus  and about one hour by bus, the uber is not allowed in Cyprus yet.
LIMASSOL is the second largest town in Cyprus and has a population of about 143,000. Its history is obscure but it seems to have grown in importance after the decline of the ancient kingdoms of Kourion to the West and Amathus to the East.

Today Limassol is a major port, a busy commercial centre, the home of hundreds of offshore companies, and a popular tourist resort. Renowned for its superior hotel accommodation and service, and for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, it has grown out of all recognition over the past ten years. The Limassolians have a reputation for being the most sociable people on the island and the town is the venue for the annual Carnival celebrations and a Wine Festival, held every September.

Situated at the heart of the vine-growing district, Limassol is home to the country's main wineries and is an important centre in the production of fruit and vegetables. Small industries also flourish here on the two Industrial Estates located on either side of the town. Visitors are likely to confine themselves to the so-called "Tourist Area" which stretches along the coast road from Amathus to the Old Port, and to the old shopping area around St. Andrew Street, although there is much to be seen outside the town boundaries.

Today, the tradition of celebration and hospitality continues in this vibrant seaside town. In February before Lent, masked revelers invade the street with music, parades, and dancing for Carnival. In September, the Wine Festival explodes in the town for a week. And every night people in restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs celebrate events momentous and trivial, from a soccer win to a sudden romance to yet another stunning sunset at day's end.

Explore Limassol Castle, which contains the Cyprus Medieval Museum, or the Folk Art Museum, which is housed in an old mansion. Walk on ten miles of beautiful beaches, deservedly known as the Cypriot Riviera. Stroll in the sea promenade or visit the lush Municipal Gardens. On the coastal road to the east, just after the luxurious hotels, you will find Amathus, one of the ancient city Kingdoms of Cyprus. See the ruins and take a dip near the site of an ancient port.

At 14 km west of Limassol lies Kolossi Castle, a medieval fortress whose walls contain not only an imposing tower and surrounding living quarters but also an ancient sugar factory. Just 19 km west of town, visit the Kourion archaeological site, an ancient city-kingdom, where you can take in a play or concert at the ancient Greco-Roman Theater, overlooking the blue Mediterranean. And, a bit further on, explore a treasure trove of Greek and Roman sites, such as the Sanctuary of Apollo.